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Walking Buddies

Please note: Sorry no walks in July or August

Walks are min 4 and max 6 hours duration and are subject to change according to weather or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Transportation can be arranged when needed you pay driver direct.


brac St. Roko hill and beyond.

After breakfast, we start our walk through Sutivan on our first day trek.



From centre of Sutivan we hike over the St. Roko hill and through a local graveyard and on to the location of well maintained hundred year old olive groves. We descend to the northwest side of the Island and arrive at a gravel beach surrounded by a pine forest. After a break for our picnic and swim (weather permitting)we return to Sutivan.

Duration from 9.00 till 14.00


: Škrip.

brac2Mini bus transportation to Škrip. The oldest settlement on the Island over 3,000 years old. In this amazing place you find ruins of llyrians, Romans and Croats. After sightseeing we can visit the Museum. We continue our walk through olive groves and vineyards to Donji Humac. A short lunch break, then onto the cave Kopacine where man lived 5,000 yrs ago.

Return to Sutivan via Supertar

Duration: from 09.00 till 16.00




Lozisca and Bobivisca.

Commence from Sutivan over St Roko hill to Junceravan Plateau along the rocky roads, through thick pine woods. Arrival in the small fishing village of Bobovisca on the sea, the birth place of Croatian poet Vladimir Nazor. On to Bobovisca villagea place where it appears as if time stands still. Our next location is Lozisa (a world heritage site) which boasts a beautiful church tower - said to be the best on the Island. Our route back to Sutivan takes us through Veliki Dolac Canyon and over an old stone bridge, which dates back to the monarch days of Austrian King Franjo Josip. Finally dirt tracks through olive groves lead us back to Sutivan

Duration: from 09.00 to 16.00


Viodova and Blaca

brac4Mini bus transportation to Viodova Gora. As we decend from the summit the views are breathtaking along the picturesque mountain paths. We arrive at Blaca Hermatage where we enjoy a unique cultural experience. There will be time to visit this amazing museum before continuing through the canyon to Blaca bay.


After swimming and a picnic break we take a short boat trip to the famous Zlatni Rat Beach and time to explore Bol. Transportation can be arranged if needed

Duration: from 09.00 till 18.00

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