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About us and how a change of direction led us to Croatia.

After a life changing experience we decided to embark on a new adventure it was for us an example of how you can turn a negative into a positive. Here is our story.

A few years ago events took place which changed the direction of our lives. We were both made redundant within a few months of one another. That same year Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer. What a year that was!


This led us to a decision to change our lives. So began an adventure which resulted in us buying a second home in Croatia and moving back to our routes in the north after living in North Somerset for 34years.

Trekking holidays around the world had been our passion for many years so we are aware of what people expect from a walking holiday. So we set up our own company footsteps-in-Croatia showing like minded people the beautiful island of Brac in central Dalmatia. Now retired we no longer offer the full all inclusive package instead we offer the independent traveller assistance in finding good accommodation to suit all. We now offer a Walking Buddies option by extending the hand of friendship inviting them to come walking with us.


How often have you visited a place and wished you could find a local to show you around which could save you time and money. This kind of holiday really makes a refreshing change from mass tourism as you would be in contact throughout your holiday with a friendly person who has local knowledge.

You may take away memories and photos - leave only footprints behind.


Accommodation in Croatia

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Angela & Vic Blundell